Stroke Survivor & Inspirational Speaker

Symptoms of a Stroke

Eve Moffatt is an inspirational speaker and writer. This highly creative and powerful speaker delivers strong, passionate, and meaningful messages centered on meeting life’s challenges.

In 2007, Eve suffered an ischemic stroke. She awoke the day after Christmas with the urge to vomit. Being disoriented, Eve spent the entire day in bed. The next day, the baffling and terrifying symptoms - vomiting, leg tremors, incoherent speech, and blurred vision - were obvious. With her husband's assistance with dressing and using the toilet, she went to the emergency room to be told that she had had a stroke. That silent battering changed her life as she knew it.

Eve knows how it feels to be without hope, it has become her passion to guide others along the road to recovery from such trauma.

She provides her audiences with the hope and assurance that they can overcome the adversities and obstacles in their professional and personal lives.

With compassion and humorous honesty, Eve skillfully relates her experiences on her path to recovery in terms that everyone can understand. Her powerful, sometimes raw message of survival is presented to her audience in such a way that it encourages those whose faith in their own resilience may be faltering.

With strong faith, sheer determination, and what she calls her “life skills”, Eve has overcome more than her share of life’s adversities.

Eve speaks from the heart. No matter how hurt, demoralized, or traumatized you’ve felt, Eve’s message about God’s loving grace will be an inspiration to you.

In her motivational and inspirational speeches, Eve Moffatt refers to herself as a living, breathing example of how personal setbacks and crushing defeats can be turned around. She offers inspiring stories from her own life and from people's lives whom she refers to as "those every day heroes". Eve reminds us of the importance of being genuine as she speaks openly and honestly to her audiences. She incorporates good, old-fashioned common sense along with her experiences, training, and research. Her energy, humor, passion, and raw honesty allows her to cross cultural, racial, and socio-economic barriers.